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Placements in various countries

Experienced in preparing and training thousands of migrant workers who have successfully worked in various countries in the world, especially Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Algeria, in the manufacturing, construction, fishermen, nurses, domestic workers and so on, with a success rate of around 95%



Facilities and infrastructure

meets Indonesian national standards and is supported by more than 35 experienced and certified teaching staff. The process is fast because we are implementing an integrated online computerized system

Branch office

Has 5 headquarters and branches of the Mulia Insani Pusaka Employment Training Institute which are spread across various regions of Indonesia and already have permission to Organize Overseas Apprenticeships with decision numbers 113 / LATTAS / IV / 2019

About Us



The Republic of Indonesia is a large country with a population of 265.000.000, the fourth largest in the world after China, India and the United States

Java is an island in Indonesia and is the 13th largest in the world. With a population of nearly 160 million people, the island has the most population in the world and is inhabited by 60% of Indonesia`s population, here is also our company headquarters, more precisely in the city of Sidoarjo

The Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD) estimates that by 2020, Indonesia will become the country with the fifth largest number of young scholars in the world

Currently the number of high school and vocational high school  graduates in Indonesia is more than 2.000.000 students per year, while the number of Diploma, Bachelor and Masters graduates, reaching more than 1.200.000 students per year

In the nursing sector, there are currently more than 80.000 graduates of SMK, Diploma and Nursing degrees per year

Indonesian people are known as hardworking, kind, fast learners, and favored by the majority of service users in various countries in the world, as evidenced by the large number of Indonesian Workers who still work in various parts of the world to reach more than 9.000.000, according to a World Bank survey. Also proven by the increasing number of requests for Indonesian Workers from prospective foreign service users each year.

Pusaka Mulia Insani Job Training Institute


Pusaka Mulia Insani job training institute (LPK PMI) is a company engaged in the training of workers for employment abroad.

Established since 2005, it was initially named Mulia Laksana Sejahtera Job Training Center for Overseas (BLK-LN MLS), but in order to fulfill the mandate of Law 18 of 2017 and increase professionalism, shareholders decided to replace BLK-LN MLS to LPK PMI in 2018

Work training institute permit Number: 503/08 /438.5.15/2018
In accordance with PERMEN 08, in 2008 the SO (Sending Organization) license number was KEP. 113 / LATTAS / IV / 2019
Headquartered on Siwalan Panji street No. 89, Buduran, Sidoarjo 61252, East Java - Indonesia.

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